Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Vacation

We got back from our jaunt to the US on August 2nd. Why am I so late in getting off my bum and posting anything you may ask? Yeah... jetlag, playdates, Shimon went out of town for a bit... yes, I have valid excuses this time!

I promise to get some summary posts up! I have to also try to get my pictures organized (from my phone, my mom's phone[don't see that one happening quickly!], and the ones from the camera) and then post. We'll how see that goes.

Just wanted to post a little something to let people know we're still here and alive and kicking!

1 comment:

Katharine said...

Excited to see your pics when you get them up...but I know how that goes, I shan't hold my breath. coordinating umpteen devices worth of pics and then sorting them out is not a speedy process!