Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miscellaneous Oddities (better known as "Life")

This week has been a fairly standard week for us in Yokohama, which is saying a lot when you're t-minus 5 days from Christmas. There have been some happenings though and I thought I'd share! (Sorry, this will be a pictureless blog post!)

Monday - My friend Lauren takes her little girl to the library fairly frequently, so we decided to join them. This is a great idea! We can borrow books in Japanese and in English and get out of the house. I did not choose my shoes very wisely. I chose some kind of old shoes from when I was teaching. On our way there, which entails climbing a pretty steep hill with a jogging stroller, I realize my shoe feels loose. I look down and the strap is nearly busted. I walk gingerly on it for a bit until it does completely bust! Yay! Boo! :-( I pop in to a 100yen shop and get some tape. I hobbled around until we headed home. When I realized there was no good fix, I just wrapped take around my shoe until we made it home. It was ghetto-fabulous. And now I have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes!

Tuesday - Decided to make a short Costco run. Yeah, that doesn't sound right, SHORT and Costo don't really coexist in the same universe. However, since I went last week, I could totally pull of a shorter run. Got baby in the car. No crying! (score!) Go out of the parking space. Got nearly around the corner and.. CRUNCH! Dang! I crunched the front right side of the car on a pole. BOO! I couldn't believe it. I hadn't ever come that close before and now I'd crunched the nose. Well, that put me off my A-game and made me pretty grumpy. Especially when I arrived at Costco and encountered the tons of people who don't know how to drive a cart! (Yeah, carts get stashed everywhere and are always in the way. AND they have food samples during the week too!) But, I did manage to get all the things I wanted AND get Shimon's Christmas present at the outlets and get back home in one piece.

Wednesday - Finished Christmas shopping! Yay! Found out that smaller stroller is great for getting around Yokohama station area. Must use smaller stroller when possible.

Thursday - Went to play group. Found that Touma refused all food that I prepared in favor of udon noodles. Which was fine because I was willing to share! Went to find out how much it will cost to fix the light (it busted in the encounter with the pole!) on the car. Luckily, it is far cheaper than expected (about $100!) Also, found out that the baby will eat apples. As long as they are not served up to him looking anything like an apple. Tiny, bitten off pieces of mommies apple will do fine thank you! At least I know he doesn't hate them anymore, but I'm not sure I can always feed him apples that way.

And the rest of our week is bound to be exciting... with a fun play group tomorrow, Christmas party on Saturday, and then Christmas Eve potluck lunch followed by candlelight service at church! What more fun could be in store!! :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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