Friday, May 24, 2013


This spring has been full of changes. On March 22, I was contacted by a teacher friend at my old school; the school I loved working at and that I only "quit" because I was having a baby. She wondered if I could come back and work two days a week.

I was conflicted. I had just agreed to be playgroup co-leader for a group that I really loved taking Touma to and that I really loved being a part of. Taking the job would mean that we would only be able to go when I wasn't working. The real turning point was when Shimon asked me to take the job.

Up until that point he had been trying very hard to work and make enough for all of us. I could tell it was beginning to strain him and the 35,000 yen a month from my one university teaching post wasn't quite cutting it. So, he called the day after the job was offered and asked me to take it. I couldn't very well say no.

Start date for school was April 10th. I got babysitting lined up for Touma and proceeded to prepare for part-time work. Nothing really prepares you for the first day of dropping off your baby to go to work. Though I was sad to leave him, I was also glad to be back in "the world" again. Glad to be interacting with students and teachers. It felt really good.

We're still adjusting, but I think going back to work was a wise decision at this point. I'm hoping it proves to be so moving forward.


Katharine said...

Life is full of tough choices isn't it? But as long as Touma's happy, sometimes happy Mum due to some adult conversation and happy Dad due to less financial pressure outweighs a lot of things. Good job, keep it up.

Alisha said...

Thanks!! I bet you're ready to hop on that plane and be in Alaska already, Kath. Have a great trip! So wish we could be there at the same time. :-)