Friday, September 05, 2014

The Difference a Week Makes

Last week, things were awful. By Friday I was SO ready to cash in my mommy chips and run away. 

What a difference a week makes. T is settling SO well into preschool. He nearly forgot to say good bye this morning after he got his indoor shoes on! From all accounts he's doing well. He loves the singing and playing outside on the playground! He wants to sing the ABCs now. 

Pickups can be rocky, but it's only week 2, so I'm willing to assume that will get better too. Today was actually super easy, so there's definitely hope.

We also cut out extra activities on Tuesday and Thursday for this week. I'm not sure if that or the naps or what helped, but the week has gone much smoother than last week. I'm so grateful because I don't think I could have survived a repeat of last week. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preschool begins

Unlike many moms, I don't have a first day of preschool picture. The first day was a half day and I stayed with Touma the whole time. I understand that with some kids it is probably necessary. For Touma, it just screwed up his nap schedule.

Touma did an 8 week stint in daycare after Raina was born. He loved it and maybe cried once when I left him! He also did a week of summer session at his current preschool. He also loved it and had a little adjustment, but nothing major. 

The two half days if preschool have really screwed up our rhythm this week. He loves going and just when he's completely settled (but not tired!), I have to pick him up. He's been an absolute nightmare both days. I'm really hoping that Friday, the first day of regular schedule, is better. I really need to end my week on a good note!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The hard days of Touma

Not sure who has had bad days more lately, me or Touma. To be honest, my bad day is usually caused by exhaustion and dealing with a disagreeable toddler. Touma is just the disagreeable toddler. 

This past week, we had two days that were punctuated by many tantrums. Thursday, he wanted a soccer ball. There were two to play with at play group. He wanted the one a friend had. To the tune of throw himself on the floor and rolling around crying. T doesn't do that sort of thing all that much, so it really was a sight to behold. Afterwards he perked up and wasn't in such a bad mood. Yay. He still got a pretty early bedtime.

Friday, I had CPR training. He got to play outside with other kids and have a great time. BUT he only got an hour or less nap in the stroller. Cue really crappy afternoon... Full of tears. I did film some of his antics and tried to snap him out if it using the footage. It did not work. At all. 

Saturday is always better because I don't deal with everything alone, but still it was a rough week.