Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My poor neglected blog...

So, again, I have managed to neglect my blog. But in my defense, there hasn't been a lot happening lately.

Things have been happening... but mostly things like "we went to look at the fall leaves in Yokohama and while I was there I fixed a bench" or "I looked as a very old building and tried to find out when it was built, but couldn't" so... not very exciting things to post on a blog.

In March, I plan on moving. Moving is REALLY expensive in Japan... much more so than in the US. (You have to have between 3 and 4 months rent up front!) So these days, Shimon and I are trying to minimize expenses and maximize money saving.

However, this coming weekend is a LONG weekend. I will be going up to Yamagat (where I used to live) to visit a friend of mine and see some of the old places that used to be my "old haunts." I'm pretty excited to be going and very much looking forward to the girls weekend that will ensue. After that I am bound to have tons of pictures and stories as well. :-)

That's the scoop... I will try to keep blogging away... I'm sure to have more stories as the Christmas season begins. Bear with me, if you can... :-)


Em said...

Ah ha! There you are! I was beginning to wonder. I think that you have a lot to write about because you have the very interesting perspective of being an American in Japan. I enjoyed the post about the "wa" and the need not to disturb it.

My friend Brian is living in Tokoyo for the next three months, and he just wrote about trying horse (? ... !) and some other strange foods.

So you could always go the route of telling us about things that seem "normal" in Japan, but an American might find really interesting.

Alisha said...

I was also thinking about railing against the right-wing fanatics that are going on about Obama bowing to the Emperor!! Haha. There are manner differences that are also interesting on top of the eating of horse ("basashi" and I don't like it! I've tried it too...). I'm trying to conceive of a way to do that. :-) I also had a hilarious day teaching today that I'm going to write out. Just when I proclaim that I have nothing to write about... things present themselves. Stay tuned...