Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas that nearly wasn't...

This year I wasn't sure how Christmas was going to turn out. I had a few things planned, but wasn't sure how they were all going to fit together. Then I got an email on December 22nd: Shimon had the swine flu.

I still had my miniature tree. Yes, it is made of felt and has no lights. I needed something that was tree-like to be able to get into the Christmas spirit.

I had miniature stockings as well. Not very festively colored, but stockings in shape at the very least. All I could stuff in them were some Reese's Peanut Butter cups that a friend sent me. :-)

Even though I don't have much space I even insisted on a strand of twinkle lights! They are small, but when the lights are off they do look pretty.

Christmas morning, I unwrapped presents while Shimon watched via Skype. (The only thing that made things a bit better!) I unwrapped a kitty present for Suzu the cat. She didn't seem to like it very much, even though it is meant to keep her warm in winter.

She wouldn't even stay still for a picture. I call this picture "uncomfortably dressed cat!"

The real Christmas surprise came when I arrived late after a lovely turkey dinner!! (My back up invite was really great!) I came home and Shimon had been a bit of a Santa's helper and brought me flowers, some presents and some cat grass for Suzu. That's the one thing I wasn't able to document on film (digital camera!?).

The Christmas that nearly wasn't turned out pretty alright. And the cat still gives me funny looks if I try to put her "jacket" on!

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