Monday, September 06, 2010


Money. It's one funny thing. It sure doesn't grow on trees!! And the first minute you think you're going to have a bit extra... it goes flying out of your wallet. What's that about!?!?

For example, I did a bit of extra work over the summer. It helped to stem the boredom and heck, who couldn't use a bit of extra cash!? Well, last weekend - computer broke. Some money is going to that. The cat has DESTROYED her cat tower. Some money went to a new cat tower. Insurance is due on Shimon's bike (large scooter-ish thing), more money flying out of the wallet.

The good news for me is that even with all the money flying straight out of my wallet, I should still be able to save over $1000 this month. (Woot!) So, I guess I shouldn't moan too much... but I can't help but think how much more could have been saved.

Money... it's a tricky thing. 

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