Saturday, May 21, 2011

Much later than planned...

So it's been a very long time since I posted anything at all. To be fair, between crises in Japan, starting a new job and wedding planning I was busy. Mostly, I just got lazy with the blogging. That happens frequently enough to me, but I figure that now is a good time to start back up. When I have a bit of a rant...

I chose a beautiful wedding dress a few months ago. Very elegant, but still me! When I tried it on it was without this underskirt thing called a panier. I was asked if I wanted to try it on with one, but declined since I don't really like the poofy, cupcake-top look of them.

Happy with the panier-less dress I decided to get it and even went to the shop to be measured.

Fast forward a bit... the dress arrived at the end of April (yay!!), but I had to get friends together to help with trying on the dress. I tried on the dress last Sunday. It fit well, except for the length. Even with shoes it was too long.

I contacted the shop and said that I wanted the length adjusted because it's just too long. After several emails, it comes out that the length of the dress was determined including all the information on my measurements and shoe size AND to fit over a panier. Apparently the style I chose is meant to go with a panier.

Problem 1: No one told me that when I chose and ordered the dress. Problem 2: Still don't want a panier. Problem 3: Going ahead with the length alterations could make the dress look strange. Problem 4: I want to scream!!! A WHOLE LOT!!! On top of all that the shop has no openings to try on the dress with panier to see if I would even like it.

At this point, I'm probably just going to go with the panier because it's about $60 and alterations would be much more expensive. But I'm still royally pissed because I'm not going to really be wearing the dress that I liked when I tried it on. It will be similar, but it's not going to be the dress I wanted. *whew*

Ranting over... I'll post better (more cheerful) blogs in the near future!

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