Monday, May 30, 2011

Things left to do...

So we're beginning the countdown (or listing up of) things left to do. For instance, attendant presents. Shimon and I both have to figure out what to give attendants. It's got to be easier for him than for me. A few bottles of nice sake and a nice couple of cups to drink it with should do fine for him. Me!?!? Something Japanese. Yeah, that's a pretty broad category. Still not sure. Maybe I should go window shopping soon to try to figure out.

Then there's the dress (still too long), but I have to figure that out in Fairbanks in June. I'm sure that will all work out fine. :-) (The power of positive thinking? Oh yeah!)

There's also ordering the favors (which should be pretty easy since we now have some numbers). Plan is to do that next weekend... and maybe go looking for presents for attendants afterwards? Maybe.

Also left to be done:

- sorting out how to organize the rehearsal dinner (they don't have them in Japan)
- finding a way to transport my dress and all of the accessories in June (when I head to my brother's wedding)
- trying to figure out what else to add to our registry
- get Shimon started on the wedding ceremony and vows and things like that (It's all being done in English)

And none of that includes my long list of errands for when I'm in Fairbanks in June! Whee! It's all a bit surreal that we're under 2 months out from the wedding date. Eeek!

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