Monday, September 19, 2011

Party Week!

This week has been busy and exciting!!

Since so many of our friends in Japan could not make it to our wedding in Alaska, we decided to do a small party here in Yokohama. That party was on Saturday. In the lead up to the party there were lots of little errands to do.

Luckily, I had the day off on Friday. So I had a list of things to do: get my hair done, make a music CD for background music, wrap some prizes for bingo (we played a silly kind of bingo game at the second party!), and choose pictures for the slide show! I got everything done, but man, I was tired at the end of the day!

Then came Saturday, the big day! I had forgotten to call my clinic on Friday (amongst all the other things I had to do!) and so had to go in to the clinic on Saturday morning.After an hours wait, I got in and out and back to the house in time to help Shimon get going (he had to meet people at 2ish) before I got ready (makeup and hair) to meet up a little after 3.

In Japan, there's always an MC kind of person (no DJ because there's no dancing) at these kind of parties. Shimon's two friends from Tokyo volunteered to do the honors. These guys were great. Another friend helped with getting people seated and he also took lots of pictures (as soon as I have copies, I will post them).

The party went off without a hitch! Lots of people came and had fun. There was good food (really amazing Italian food!) and plenty to drink (open bar!), which helped fuel the party.

Since it's a long weekend, I've been mostly relaxing at home, while Shimon has been out hanging with some of his friends who are still in town after the party. They came a long way, so he wants to make sure they have a nice time while they're up here! I don't mind... it's nice to lay around and relax sometimes!

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