Monday, October 03, 2011

Better late than never: Party pics!

So a few weeks ago we celebrated our marriage again with friends here in Yokohama. It was a really good night and I've finally figured out which photos I want to put up. I will include a bit of narration... but many need no explanation!

Since there was a bit  planning to do before the party, I showed up in casual wear and changed into my dress (in the bag still). Our party was held at a very nice hotel that had a fantastic changing area! And my friend Sunaho (person I'm talking to) helped zip me up and make sure I was presentable.

Starting off the party, Shimon said a few simple words in Japanese and then passed the mic to me. Not having prepared any formal speech, I basically repeated what he said... only in English.

These are my Tokyo "Mama" and "Papa." The Iidas took me in when I first came to Tokyo and are just amazing people. They have 3 kids who weren't able to come, but I'll see them sometime soon.

Then it was time to meet Shimon's real family! These are two of his cousins, Junko and Maiko. They were really nice and we'll have to do dinner soon.
The person I've known the longest at the party?? Sara Harriger! We grew up together singing and playing handbells in church among other things. It was really nice to have here there... her Japanese definitely got a test drive that night!

This is my dear friend, Ikue Toda (aka Toda-sempai). We had extra time, so a few friends were asked to give a few words. She said such nice things and I'm so glad that she spoke.

She also had all the kendo guys get up and chug a beer in our honor! Gotta love Toda!!

Then there were Shimon's college, hockey buddies (and manager, Marie!). They were also given a chance to say a few words... and the mic got passed around quite a bit. But they were a really fun bunch and I'm glad they made the trip.

We then cut into another cake. In Alaska, we were both very polite. In Japan, they gave us big spoons to feed each other with. However, with Shimon's very drunk friends egging me on...

This is what happened!! Heehee... I really couldn't help myself. To be fair, I did help him clean up and nothing actually got on his clothes.

 After a few more shots with various groups, the party came to an end. It was a really special night. It was really great to celebrate with our friends in Japan.


Jaime said...

I love reasons to celebrate! You looked gorgeous. :)

Alisha said...

Thanks!! And not too big I hope... I have another wedding to attend (not my own!!) later this month... I'll need a new dress!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wedding and on the baby news!!!