Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DTaP and IPV

Today was Touma's 3 month check (he's really 3.5 months, but that's ok). He's now 7.35 kg (16.2 pounds)! He's also talking up a storm, rolling over and scooting around. Babies are amazing! He did so good through the whole check he smiled lots and talked up a storm.

He did especially well with the shots. With the IPV (inactivated polio) he looked a little startled, but didn't cry. Then came DTaP. He definitely cried then, but also stopped much quicker than last time. We also went and nursed a bit and he was fine. He even fell asleep on the way home.

I have a question that I was mulling over with a friend. Why do some vaccines hurt worse than others? Is it because they contain vaccines for more than one illness? Or does that have anything to do with it. Just curious if anyone knows the answer. I've seen the results, but I don't exactly understand the causes.

I'm also happy to report that I was less upset this time than I was the first time we did the vaccines. Not that it doesn't hurt to see him so sad and startled, but somehow it gets easier. I guess that's motherhood for ya. :-)


Ricky said...

My theory is that some vaccine sting more than other. I have also noticed that it makes a difference who gives the shots -- some nurses/doctors seem to have the touch. (I recently got a cortisone shot which I hear gets people's attention -- I was all set to scream, but didn't feel a thing)

Katharine said...

Hi there! As far as I understand (and this is knowledge from the vet clinic coming through, as cows hate some vaccines more than others - assume it to be exactly the same in people), the thing that determines how much a vaccine stings is the adjuvant (the solution the virus is carried in) - some adjuvants are way more irritating than others. They are also often the cause of the vaccine reactions - W had a reaction (big red sore leg and unhappy) to his 3mo shots and it was a different brand of vaccine (and a different adjuvant) than the first at 6wks.