Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Misadventures in Parenting...

Yesterday, we had playgroup at a new shopping center called Mark Is. (Yup, that is the real name. I initially thought it was Mark 15 since that would somehow make more sense... but alas, Mark Is.)

It has a rooftop garden and a fabulous kids floor. After lots of play, exploring the garden, and eating lunch, we moved inside to the air conditioning and an area with cute little kid sized tables. It was a great, cool place to have the kids. Plus, there was a bank of coin lockers and vending machines. Both of those things Touma loves. LOVES!!

After some free play, I realized there was a stinky boy that needed changing and we headed to the family toilet. It was really nice. It had new fangled buttons and everything for opening and closing the doors. No more manual closing of doors...

Once Touma was changed, we left the beautiful toilet to go play with the other kids... Until he remembered the cool bathroom and headed back in the direction of the cool button-ed and automatic door-ed bathroom. I chased after him just as he entered the toilet and pushed the close button... locking himself in the bathroom just in time to have a final, panicked look at mom as the door shut.

Poor baby! Starts to panic and there's nothing I can do since the emergency call button is inside the bathroom along with him. Luckily, some kind ladies used the emergency call button in the regular bathroom and got someone to come and open the door. He was super hysterical by the time the door was opened, but remarkably he was dry-eyed in seconds after I picked him up.

I'll have to stop teaching him to push buttons until he's a bit taller and can reach both the "close" and "open" buttons.

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