Monday, December 09, 2013


So, it seems that every time I make a resolution to be better about my blog, I totally fail. That means I am no longer going to make any promises about keeping up my blog, rather I will be realistic and say that I will do my best to post every once in awhile. Sometimes the stretches between will be long and other times not so long. I started this blog at a time in my life when I was far less busy and had ample time to tell witty anecdotes with pictures (with little captions and everything!) and these days I just don't have that kind of time. This is my big disclaimer, I suppose, about this blog. All of the above words can be summed up with: I'll do my best.

"My best" may get to be better as of February 3rd. Why, you may ask, am I even discussing a date so far in the future? Well, that is that last possible day that I can work. In Japan, legally I am allowed 6 weeks before birth and 8 weeks after birth for maternity leave. That's right. My school won't let me work after the 3rd. So there will be two more days a week when I can try to squeeze in a little time on the blog.

I guess this is a little late to announce, but for anyone who didn't already know, we are expecting baby 2 on March 16th. The past two appointments, baby has not been cooperative so we don't know if we are expecting a boy or a girl. The doctor said maybe a girl, but with zero degree of certainty as she didn't see anything. :-( My next appointment is this Friday, so cross your fingers at 10:30am Japan time and maybe we'll have an answer!

In other news, we are moving! This Sunday we are moving apartments. We are only moving to an apartment about 5 minutes drive away, but we still have an awful lot of stuff to haul and it's still not fun to pack. We will be moving to a place where Touma will have his own room, my kitchen will have a decent amount of storage, and we can have a kotatsu. For anyone who is reading and doesn't know what a kotatsu is, it is a short, heated table (click here to get an idea). It's  very dangerous as you never want to move away from the kotatsu and you could get stuck there until springtime! But it will be the first time I've had one since living in Yamagata, so I'm quite excited. Also, it's nice to sit and munch on mandarin oranges under a kotatsu.

Ok, that was my little update post. No promises. I'll just try to do better. :-)


Em said...

Thrilled to any update. And big, huge congrats on #2. The heated table looks so very cozy!

Alisha said...

Oh Em... the tables are very cozy and dangerous (since you never want to move once you've snuggled in)! I am really going to make an effort on the blog... It's just that when I started it WAY back in the day, I had so much less going on in my life so I was constantly posting! Now... very busy! ;-)