Friday, September 05, 2014

The Difference a Week Makes

Last week, things were awful. By Friday I was SO ready to cash in my mommy chips and run away. 

What a difference a week makes. T is settling SO well into preschool. He nearly forgot to say good bye this morning after he got his indoor shoes on! From all accounts he's doing well. He loves the singing and playing outside on the playground! He wants to sing the ABCs now. 

Pickups can be rocky, but it's only week 2, so I'm willing to assume that will get better too. Today was actually super easy, so there's definitely hope.

We also cut out extra activities on Tuesday and Thursday for this week. I'm not sure if that or the naps or what helped, but the week has gone much smoother than last week. I'm so grateful because I don't think I could have survived a repeat of last week. 

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