Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yay for friends!

Last weekend I had a very special friend visit from Korea. Ji Yon is a friend that I met in Hawaii and I have been good friends with ever since. We live so close (less than 2 hours!!) and I haven't managed to get to Seoul to visit her.

Well, she beat me to it! She had a free weekend, a free ticket and so she came to see me. We had a great girlie weekend. Sadly, we didn't take many pictures. But we did get a really good one of us in Yokohama.

No, I am not a giant, Ji Yon's just tiny! :-)

I spend a lot of time in Yokohama since Shimon lives there. He met us there and did an impromtu tour for the two of us (mostly for Ji Yon's benefit).

The view of Yokohama at night is really nice... well worth a visit if you ever have the chance.

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