Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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So my good friend Em asked me to tell a bit more about my boyfriend, Shimon. And to post pictures of us together. The former will be easier than the latter.

One thing about Shimon is that he is the cameraman whenever we go places. There are always LOTS of pictures of me, but hardly any pictures of the two of us together. I'm trying to scavenge a few pictures from recently, but we haven't done a lot of travel recently where he's had his camera out. So here are a few pictures.

This was taken just after we started dating. It was the first time we went away for the weekend. It was late March or early April, but we didn't have to wear jackets anymore.

Fastforward to graduation! I know there are more pictures, but I think they are on Shimon's computer and not mine. Graduation was this past September and Shimon was a great sport. He came and took lots of pictures and even joined in with the party afterwards with all of my friends from my seminar. In Japan, you are assigned a seminar group to belong to during your 2 years as an MA. It was great to have him come and meet everyone he's already heard a lot about.

In March, my mom is coming for a visit. There will be A LOT of pictures then and I promise to update how that goes. My mom is nice, but she also talks a lot and I hope that Shimon isn't too intimidated by her. We'll see.

Interesting and frustrating things about living with Shimon... he is a total neat freak and I am a pack rat! Eeek! If only there were second hand stores in Japan, but there aren't so anything that you don't want goes straight in the trash. It makes me sick to throw perfectly good things away. Alas, it had to be done.
He is a night owl. I like to go to bed before midnight. I need more sleep!! It's ok, unless he starts talking and wakes me up all the way.

We both like doing things outdoors and like going to a park that is fairly close to the new apartment. I hope that we can do a lot of that kind of stuff when we visit Alaska in August. It should be a good time to get to know everyone and not have to talk the whole time. Climbing Angel Rocks (a spot in Fairbanks) doesn't need a full narration.

Hope this helps. If you're curious about something in particular, let me know. :-)

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