Thursday, March 04, 2010

A mistake.

I think I made a mistake.

I chose a job based on certain information and expectations and then I let myself (I was sitting there and just let it happen!) be hoodwinked. Here's what happened.

I decided that I would look for a teaching job around December and interviewed for two positions. In one instance, the company lost the contract with the school and consequently I didn't get the job. In the second instance, the company is led by someone who prepared me for an interview with a school, really seemed to understand what I wanted out of teaching (a M-F position being one of those things), and the company has a curriculum development division which would be an exciting new direction that I could take.

I was offered a job with the second company for a three day position (I should have smelled a rat when the days weren't specified up front). I was also led to believe that I might have a choice of teaching for the other two days of the contract or doing curriculum development.

I went in for a contract meeting. The three day position is Tues-Thurs-SATURDAY!! (Don't want to work Saturdays!!!!) I let the guy at the company justify it to me and end up signing the contract while specifying that if possible I would like to work the other two days doing curriculum development. (I've been handed a shit deal from them, so that was the least I could expect, right?)

Well, I received an email from the man at the company today asking me to teach at a completely different school on those other days and if I'm able to interview on Friday or Saturday. (I think that people must not value their free time or OTHER people's free time after a long enough stay in Japan!)

I feel like an idiot. I feel like I've made a mistake in taking a contract from this company. Though they have a development side that interests me and they have a unique and supportive approach to teaching, I think I let myself be hoodwinked into a contract that I really am beginning to regret.

Good things about this situation? I'm only under contract for one year. If I stick out a year, I get a small bonus at the end. At the end of year, I can say - I hate working Saturdays and will not do it another year, thanks.

But I still have a sinking feeling that I've made a mistake and still don't know how much I will regret it since the school year hasn't yet begun. Eek!


Em said...

Working Saturdays is really not that bad. I did it for years working for the state. Jason has done it since he started teaching (private schools often have 1/2 days on Saturdays). Sunday will just be your Saturday. (and Monday will be your Sunday). Bonus: you have a day off that is a "business day," which will make getting errand-type things done that much easier. And you make a good point: if you don't love it, you don't have to renew the contrack and you can look for something else. But who knows: maybe you'll actually LIKE the schedule!

Alisha said...

Thanks for the helpful pep talk!! I need someone else to feel me on this who isn't Japanese. I am trying to be positive and your message helped!! :-) Thanks!