Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visiting Japan :-)

My mom recently came to visit during her spring break from school. Since this was her 3rd visit to Japan I found it much more difficult to plan things because she's already seen quite a lot.

It all kind of fell together in the end. My boyfriend's mother came from the most southern tip of the main island of Honshu just to meet her. The meeting of the mother's really was a bit epic. I have some wonderful pictures to share of the two days that we were able to do things with "the moms."

The first day the weather really was horrific. We spent most of the time in and out of cafes and restaurants just to keep warm!

This was a lunch stop where we could warm up and enjoy some Chinese food. (Minus one camera man!)
We also went to a funky art exhibition in a place that used to be an old warehouse. It was so cool! And since it was a student exhibition, it was entirely free! Here's some of the art:

There's more to be told, but the pictures say a lot... and I'll post more later!

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Em said...

*gasp* A picture of Shimon!! He DOES exist!!