Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just back!

I just got back from Alaska last night. And I want to go back already... Not because I don't love being home. But being home means ridiculously hot weather and miserable humidity. When we went to the store last night, I asked Shimon if I could turn around and go home. Japan can be TOO hot sometimes!

Our trip to Alaska was fantastic. We got to see and do so much in our short week there. We hit Denali Park, the Fair, the Museum, the Musk Ox Farm (which is actually the Large Animal Research Station), and much more. Didn't make it out to the hot springs (next time!!). 

The best thing was that Shimon was able to meet my family and we're all like together. I think he had fun! I hope. :-) One of the highlights was getting to shoot a shotgun with my dad and brothers!! Not sure that will make it up on the internet, but there are certainly some pics to come. :-)


Jaime said...

Welcome home! :) I am glad the trip went well, and that Shimon had a good time. Hopefully he's looking forward to the next trip, too! :)

Alisha said...

Oh he is!! We didn't make it to the Hot Springs or hiking at Angel Rocks. So there's still things we have to do!!