Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Well, if you had told me that measuring for a dress (and getting it right) was going to take 2 weeks, I would have said you're crazy! But that's where I sit... nearly.

Last week I ordered and paid for my wedding dress. When my bust, waist and hip sizes did not match any of the standard sizes on the sizing chart things started to get complicated. The company that makes the dresses asked for a whole lot of measurements that I had never done before and didn't have a clue about (like measuring from your shoulders to you waist, etc.). After three emails back and forth being asked to double check the sizing, I threw in the towel.

By throwing in the towel, I mean I asked if I could just go to the shop and have them do the measurements. As long as it's on a weekday, they'll do measurements for free. So, I called the shop... they wanted to wait until the 14th (that would have been almost 2 weeks from when I ordered the dress!) to fit me in. With a bit of cajoling, I managed to get an appointment for Thursday. Only during that phone call did the sales lady ask if I'd been doing the measurements in the proper undergarments that would go with the dress.

ACK! No! I was in my regular bra... since I haven't bought the proper undergarments yet! If I'd known all that, maybe this whole process could have gone a bit smoother. Or maybe I would have called the shop earlier to ask them to measure me.

Either way... I should be able to have the dress in May at the latest. *sigh of relief*

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