Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food safety, Japan and Pregnancy

As many of you may know, eating during pregnancy is a bit different than eating when it's just for one. Thinking about how many grams of protein, how many servings of green veggies to eat, etc. There's a lot to process and keep tabs on.
Now, you may remember that in March of this year there was a large earthquake and tsunami that decimated large areas of Japan. It happened to have been one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history and was certainly the largest quake I've ever felt. Then there was that little thing at the nuclear plant in Fukushima.
Those of us living here are used to following the radiation updates and the news from that area.

The biggest problem for me as a pregnant woman in Japan has been food safety. Though foods are on the shelves, especially produce, some come from areas that are banned for import by the US. I figure it's good to avoid buying that produce for the time being. What's the problem, you ask? The majority of produce is coming out of the areas considered to be dangerous these days!
The Japanese are quite big on buying local... many areas are well known for certain types of fruits and vegetables and a lot of the local areas happen to be in the area not far from the nuclear plants. What kinds of things do I have to avoid, you may ask. Carrots, cabbage, spinach and other greens, strawberries, some types of onions, napa cabbage... the list goes on! And that's just fruits/veggies... then there's pork and chicken and beef that are all coming from somewhat suspicious areas.

This may sound like a big whine-y post, but... I just envy the people who don't have to worry about radiation right now! It would be so nice to be able to buy whatever it is that I fancy to eat on any given day, without having to worry about the safety of the food I'm buying!

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