Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Busy Kitty weekend!

I have a cat. Her name is Suzu. She is a bit of a mommy's girl. She prefers women to men. And she rarely has visitors... until this past weekend. It was a busy weekend and I think that Suzu made some strides towards being a more amiable cat. :-)

Friday of last week was Tokyo Day! It really means very little, except that teachers at private schools often get the day off. Luckily I was one of those teachers and my friend and co-worker Michelle was one as well. So, we made plans for her to come down to Yokohama (where I live and she'd never visited before!), where we would do a bit of exploring and also do a bit of relaxing at my house and of course she would meet the kitty.

As mentioned above, Suzu prefers women. Even though she was cautious, eventually Suzu made friends with Michelle's feet (her first sign of intimacy) and there was very little in the way of hissing or hiding under the bed. Yay, Suzu!! Well done.

Saturday, I worked most of the day while Shimon helped fix a rotatiller and did a bit of shopping at a local outlet (he even bought me a fuzzy fall jacket!! love it!!). After the shopping, he and his friend Kato came over and we all had dinner together. Though Suzu's favored gender is not male, she did a great job. Kato was good with her (ignoring her most of the time - perfect!)) and playing a bit at the end once she knew that he wasn't going to do anything. Again another good encounter! Yay Suzu!!

The big challenge was Sunday. TWO people, my friend Sunaho and her husband, came over. Satoru is a cat person. He was so excited to meet Suzu that he had his wife email and ask what kind of snacks Suzu likes!! (Very endearing!) They came over and brought out the goodies... but Suzu was not as comfortable with TWO new people at once. So she hid for a bit... under the bed... and really hated it when I tried to get her. Once we ignored her, she came out and started to make friends. And once the goodies were opened she was very keen on getting some, even if mom wasn't the one handing them out. By the end, Suzu had proven she could even be around 4 people at once and not do a total freak out!! Yay!!

I don't have any good pictures of any of the fun, but there's lot's of Suzu pics already. Now, I may seem a bit obsessed with my kitty... I assure you, in a country where people are seriously obsessed with their pets, I look mild in comparison!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!


Jaime said...

How funny! Good for Suzu - I'm pretty sure I know people who behave the same way... :)

Alisha said...

Haha! It's funny... after I posted that I realized - I've become a cat lady!! Not crazy yet, but there's still time. ;-)