Sunday, October 17, 2010


Fall is upon us. The weather finally has a cool feel to it (not crisp yet, but still nice) and we're losing daylight to indicate that the seasons are changing.

I love fall. The food (chestnut rice, "sanma"- fall fish, and hearty soups!) in Japan is wonderful! It really adds to the feeling of fall.

This year I've been feeling "strange." This feeling didn't start with fall, but I finally decided to go to the hospital to see about what might be the problem. My mom seemed to think that it might be a thyroid problem as she and my grandmother both have thyroid issues.

I went to the hospital on Friday. Had a thorough talk with a doctor, she ordered blood work and a urine test too. Did it, waited for about an hour and saw another doctor. She went over the results of the test. I'm healthy! Nothing is strange at all as far as the tests showed. But she suspects that I'm perhaps suffering from mild depression.

I was a bit shocked. So, instead of heading to the doctors for a consultation (I was in general medicine), I said that I would try to change some things (diet, exercise among other things), but if nothing changed I would come back in December.

I'm searching for ideas about how to get motivated to re-start a regular exercise routine. I know that once I start I'll be much happier and have more energy, but I'm hard pressed to find the motivation to BEGIN. I know there are some runners out there that might have some advice. I'd love to hear anything!!

Hope everyone is well!

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