Saturday, August 20, 2005

Laundry Day!

Hello... today is my least favorite day of the week... not because it's Friday. No, I quite like Friday's as a rule. This day tends to rotate for me... sometimes it's Saturday or Sunday... often times it's Wednesday or Thursday... it's Laundry Day!!

Why do I hate this day so much?? It is SO time consuming!! You have to sort clothes, then put them in the washer... then wait until the wash is done... then you have to hang up the clothes... etc... the job NEVER seems to end! At least today I haven't let too much pile up. The main reason for that?? I don't have many clothes here at the moment!! I can't afford to let my laundry pile up on me. Nope. Must do it once I start running out of shorts!! ;-)

Ok... that's all I have to say about all that. Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday... have a good one!

A ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Laundry sucks.

Anyhoo, met your successor last week. She seems nice enough, is a vegetarian, likes to drink, and sing badly in Japanese (sorry, but it's true......).

She is also insistent on not buying a car!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!