Saturday, September 12, 2009

The delayed camping photos!!

So, a few weeks back (nearly a month really), I went camping. We used Shimon's new tent!! And had a great time. There were a few things missing... s'mores and marshmallows! :( It will be remedied in the future. I also learned that ramen is a GREAT camping food. Totally easy if you aren't able to grill hotdogs on a stick. :-)
Our camping adventure included some canoeing too, but as I didn't want to damage my camera there aren't any pictures of us canoeing. However, there are pictures of us (mostly Shimon) hiking around near a waterfall. And after that sub-par explanation... here are the pictures!

I'm just the amateur... he's the professional photographer!! :-)

This is only something you'd see in Japan... an entrance to a shrine right on the edge of the lake! How cool. ;-)

Climbing near the waterfall area... he nearly blends in... but for the yellow shirt!

And what a campfire... it took two to make it, but it was a goodun'!
One half of the fire-making duo!! :-)

Hope you like the pics now that they're finally up!!


jen said...

Alisha!!!! I found your blog on a comment link from Em's. I just spent a little time catching up with your life...via some blog posts. I'll keep my eye out more often now.
hope all is well!!!!
-- jen (tez)

Alisha said...

Yay!! Jen! So glad that you caught up with me... it's good to know people are reading my silly posts. :-) Have you voted on the brides maid gowns... ;-) Whee...

jen said...

i think one is cute but i also really like 4 (i thought about this one originally for my bridesmaids...though i never saw it in person). 3 i'm afraid might fit kind of awkward and 2 i'm just not sure about that bow thing in the front. if you could take that off, i would like it better!!!!

Alisha said...

Thanks for the opinions! I've still not made a decision. Leaning towards one... but I don't have to make a decision until January. So I've got time. :-)