Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hooray for Thursday! I am so glad that the week's nearly at its end. :-)

This week is not a particularly busy week, but I feel drained just the same. I guess it's the new schedule of waking up at 6am three days a week that is probably doing it. I'm getting more used to the schedule, but I really want to start running again and that has to be after getting to the chiropractor.

I thought that finishing my thesis would leave me with more time of my own, but alas that has not been the case so far. Luckily, by the weekend I should be able to sort out the chiropractor and start running on Saturday. It'll be a relief to start running again. I'm very glad to finally have the time to begin doing that again. :-) Now, if I can only find the will power to go with the time. :-)

Again, I say thank goodness for Thursday... the weekend is right 'round the corner.

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