Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby bed...

I realize that picking a baby crib is probably pretty agonizing when you have so many options and space is not your main consideration. In my world, space is the first consideration. Baby boy is not going to be getting his own room until he's quite a bit older. Our crib is really quite compact and has a nice little shelf underneath so that we can store baby things.

Right now the crib blocks the bookshelf, but it is also on wheels so we can move it if we need to.

To back track a little bit... we actually considered two options for sleep earlier on in my pregnancy. As most Japanese families co-sleep, I thought that initially we would be doing that. (We haven't ruled doing a bit of co-sleeping if necessary for sleep considerations.) The biggest problem is our bed. It's not really that big and my husband moves a LOT in his sleep. He sometimes nails me in the middle of the night! He was very worried about the baby.

The second option, and the one we ultimately chose, was the crib. It's currently located in the dining area of our apartment, but I expect that might change once we don't have any help with us (my mother-in-law is coming first and then my mom is coming... giving us about 6 weeks of help initially). I kind of wish that we were doing co-sleeping, but I think that in the small apartment that we live in we'll still be in pretty close proximity.

How did other people choose a crib or sleep method? I'm fairly interested since nothing is really set in stone (other than the existence of the crib!) as of right now. :-)


Em said...

I actually thought that the baby would sleep in a crib as "that's what babies do." Ha! Ha ha! Hahahahaha! That is NOT what my babies do.

I hadn't really heard much about co-sleeping until we started doing it. Out of necessity. When Sierra was teeny, she wouldn't sleep unless she was touching a person (me!) so we sort of fell in to co-sleeping by accident because that was the only way anyone was getting any sleep.

After we were "co-sleepers", I started reading about all the benefits of babies being close to mamas, especially early on. Also, while breastfeeding, nothing beat co-sleeping. You can just roll over and give baby a boob and you can both go back to sleep without everyone waking all the way up and getting out of bed. (I can't breastfeed teeny tiny babes, but after a few weeks, it works wonderfully).

I don't know how big your bed is. Ours is a queen sized, and that's plenty big. We've also co-slept while visiting my parents in a full size bed. If you or Shimon are worried about him not realizing the baby is there, you can get a rail for you bed. So the order is rail, baby, you, Shimon.

Alisha said...

I'm sure we will be adjusting our expectations as soon as little guy arrives and we start getting settled into a routine. And if co-sleeping ends up the route we take... then we'll be fine with that too.

I've read a bit (not as much as you, I'm sure!) on co-sleeping and even though in the US lots of agencies and things warn against co-sleeping, the fact still remains that a large portion of the world's population co-sleeps.

Even if baby doesn't sleep in the bed in the end, it'll double for a changing table and storage unit! :-)

Anonymous said...

We had a travel crib in our room the first few months with both the boys. Then once they were only getting up once or twice a night I put them into their own room.
We considered the co sleeping but decided that we would all sleep better if we weren't worried about smooshing our lovelies, Dave used to move a ton in his sleep too (getting a nicer mattress put a stop to that) and he was also concerned with hurting the kiddos.
I do agree with Em though that they make great rails and things to protect baby and put you at rest.
See how it goes, we all make a plan and then end up changing a lot once we're actually doing it! Do what works for you three! :-)