Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting ready for baby!

Warning: Men may want to be careful (or refrain from) reading this entry!

We are down to the last few days before baby arrives. And I feel pitifully under prepared for the main event. I am just now packing my hospital bag (after not being entirely sure what to include because I wasn't able to discern what the "must have" section and the "hospital provide" section were on the handout from said hospital), which seems strange since I think a lot of people get right on that once they hist month 9. Oops!

I have had to purchase some strange things in preparation for baby boy. Things that when you get pregnant you don't really think about. Like ginormous pads! The package of 10 is the same size as a package of 30 "normal" pads. Also, the pads for bras when you get leaky. I know I didn't really think about that until recently.

These are my goodies... sideways... if anyone can tell me how to fix this problem (I have problems with pics taken on my iphone), let me know.

My next surprise were the specific underwear they told us to purchase. And wow! I have found the country that will simultaneously turn you into a mommy and a granny all in one fell swoop. Check these babies out!
Not only are they massive (thus the granny allusion), they have a velcro-ed area for easy changing... of things that need to be changed. It's amazing! My cat was even intrigued by them.

Suzu and the really silly granny pants!
To be fair, there's this stain resistant lining that makes a funny sound similar to a rustling plastic bag (one more reason to love them!), which is probably why Suzu was so interested.

I'm actually really glad that there's all of this stuff out there to help us ladies after the babies are here and are bodies need recovering, I just didn't realize what it all was like. And now I have a bit better idea. Maybe in the States things are a little different, not sure. It sure would be funny to know the differences in postpartum care between the US and Japan... maybe not funny, but at least enlightening.


Anonymous said...

Why do you need pads? Is that for pee leakage or blood? Oh man, I am getting put off having a baby even more!!

Alisha said...

No!! Don't get put off! I think it's mostly to aid the healing process after natural childbirth. The larger packet of "padding" is actually breastfeeding pads... I think it's funny how little we all know about the AFTER pregnancy stuff before getting pregnant. One thing I'm sure... it'll all be worth it in the end. :-)

Anonymous said...

After not having your period you have extra blood to let off so it's for basically period needs. It lasts a little longer for some people than their normal period, but it's not painful or anything.
Don't put it off, it's really NOT as bad as they make it out to be! Having had 2 big boys I can assure you that your husband will be far more scarred than you! Dave still shudders at the thought of it but I don't remember very much, just being tired.
Also Alisha tell Shimon if they lift the paper off the silver tray by the doctor it's time to look at your face and only your face for a few minutes, just for his own protection :-)