Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farmer Alisha!!

In Japan, if you live in a city there is no room for a real garden. But I REALLY wanted to have a bit of garden. So... I am growing basil! I've never started basil from seeds before... this is what is looks like. :-)

 It's growing like gangbusters!! I have to weed out a lot of them (I might try transplanting some too.) on Friday - my first OFFICIAL day of summer vacation!

Here's another pic, I'm really rather pleased with the results.
I should also mention that it's been under 2 weeks since I started it!! It already smells all basil-y as well. Yum! Can't wait to eat some pasta with fresh basil!


Jaime said...

I've heard that growing herbs is simple - but I've never tried it. You may have inspired me... :) Congrats, Farmer Alisha!

Alisha said...

Thanks! It's weeding out the runty ones today. I thought I might transplant, but can't be bothered I don't think. :-)

Meghan said...

I have grown it from seed before, but it was several years ago...the problem I had was I started it too late, and then U just had a million little sprouts. I don't think they every grew into a full plant. Now I just buy a plant that is already grown! I bought one today at Trader Joe's and made some kick ass pesto :)